Enterprise planting 20,000 trees across Ireland

To celebrate 20 years of operations in Ireland, Enterprise Rent-A-Car employees began planting 20,000 trees in various sites across Ireland, as part of the company’s global initiative to plant 50 million trees in 50 years across Europe and North America, writes Trish Whelan.

In Ireland, Enterprise has partnered with One Million Trees in One Day to deliver its global tree planting project. On Saturday, more than 50 Enterprise employees, led by Managing Director, George O’Connor, took part in the project. The tree planting took place at sites in Kerry, Galway and Laois, each carefully chosen for its ability to provide a sustainable environment for generations to come.

The team, along with volunteers from One Million Trees in One Day, collectively planted new woodlands, orchards and hedgerows which included a damson and plum orchard; new hedgerows of hawthorn, blackthorn, oak, hazel and crab apple; new woodlands of oak, scots pine, alder, birch, rowan and hazel.

George O’Connor says having the opportunity to plant 20,000 trees in Ireland as part of their global programme is ‘something that I personally feel very strongly about,a s do my colleagues who came out in great numbers to do their part to help create a better environment for the future’.

He thanked his Enterprise employees and their partners at the One Million Trees in One Day charity for their expert co-operation on this project and is encouraging other businesses across Ireland to get involved with the charity and help protect the country’s environment. (Photos courtesy of Boyd Challenger). 

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