AA Ireland and Kia partner for hybrid care

A new partnership between Kia Ireland and AA Ireland represents the rescue operator's growing expertise in hybrid and electric cars, writes Brian Byrne.

The deal with Kia gives owners of Kia Niro hybrids a 3-year breakdown service with technicians who are trained in the latest car technologies.

AA Ireland says it is encountering an increasing number of hybrid and electric vehicles calling for its services. That's because, regardless of the powertrain, such cars encounter similar breakdown reasons as traditionally powered vehicles, such as punctures, lost or locked in keys, and similar.

The company says hybrid and electric cars are the future of motoring in Ireland and it is committed to ensuring that owners of such vehicles won't suffer any consequences if a breakdown happens.

Pictured are Dave Murphy, Business Services Manager with AA Ireland, and David O'Connor, Head of Aftersales with Kia Ireland

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