New Citroen SUV for Shanghai debut

This is a designer’s sketch of a new C5 Aircross SUV from Citroen which will debut next week at the Shanghai Auto Show, writes Brian Byrne.

Though details are scarce prior to the debut, the vehicle is described as being ‘assertive’ in design and ‘dedicated to well-being’ for its passengers. It will be sold in China this year, and won't be on sale in Europe until 2018.

It will also showcase a new suspension system from Citroen equipped with what the company calls Progressive Hydraulic Cushions.

Citroen noted the system last year as part of a programme called Citroen Advanced Comforts. In light detail, it incorporates two hydraulic compression and rebound stops working with the springs and shock absorbers to avoid sudden jolts at the end of travel. The hydraulic stop absorbs and dissipates the energy, resulting in no rebound as happens with a conventional spring/shock aborber system on its own.

Citroen claims this will provide a ‘magic carpet’ ride.

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