Revised S-Class will have more autonomous tech

Enhanced driver assistance systems will feature on a mid-life revision of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class due for reveal in the autumn, writes Brian Byrne.

The current car, launched in 2013, introduced elements of automated driving with a number of such systems, and these have been built on to extend the environments in which the car itself can take over various driving management functions.

These will include Active Distance Assist which takes cognisance of upcoming route features such as motorway exits, toll booths, and roundabouts. It will adjust cornering speeds depending on the route feature and the selected drive mode in the car.

Active Lane Change will be possible by simply nudging the indicator stalk, when the car’s systems will check whether it is safe to move into the required lane and when it is safe, will perform the manoeuvre.

In stop and go traffic, the S-Class will be able to handle stop periods of up to 30 seconds, inside which it will stop and go automatically in slow traffic.

Evasive Steering Assist will automatically apply extra torque to a turning manoeuvre in an emergency such as when a pedestrian is detected in the line of direction.

The revised S-Class will also brake and stop the car in its lane if it detects that there has been no steering wheel movement for a certain period of time, after giving the driver warning.

An improved instrument panel interface will keep the driver visually aware of the current status of all the DAS features, indicating such matters as when the driver should have both hands on the wheel.

The S-Class will also have Car-to-X Communication by which hazards encountered by cars with the system will be automatically transmitted to other cars on the route with similar systems.

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